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International Center "Dahlia Garden" 3 ***

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 "Dahlia Garden" 3 ***




International Center "Dahlia Garden" 3 *** is located in the resort area of ​​Chaika, just 2 km away from the center of the Golden Sands resort and 15 km from Varna. The hotel is located in a park area about 400 m. from the beach and away from the noise of the big tourist resorts. There are many shops, bars, restaurants and the famous aqua park "Aquapolis".

"Dahlia Garden" offers an opportunity for rest and relaxation combined with nature, tranquility and the wonderful sea of ​​golden sand.



  • The restaurant with 200 seats
  • Large terrace in the English style
  • Lobby bar
  • Reception 24h
  • Elevator
  • Safe at the reception (free)
  • External pool- free access to sunbeds
  • Indoor swimming pool 24 / 12m. - 5 corridor
  • Sports grounds and equipment
  • Wi-Fi in the reception and lobby bar (free);
  • Health Service. Emergency medical care is provided around the clock and without limitations. All medical services are paid for by insurance companies.
  • Currency exchange
  • Iron in reception
  • At the reception of the hotel issued portable umbrellas for the beach


  • Large outdoor pool;
  • Large indoor pool professional (for swimmers and interpreters) size of 25m. x 12,5 m .;
  • Equipped with volleyball and football pitch (the size of 40 m. / 20m.) Suitable for sports teams training camps;
  • Large terrace in the English style - for dance classes for groups and entertaining games, entertainment, daytime and evening programs and animation, disco;
  • Table tennis (free of charge);
  • Room for animation (50 sq.)


  • Children are accommodated in rooms for 3 and 4 people;
  • Teachers are placed in the rooms for 2 people;



  • Two, three or four main bed
  • Bathroom (shower, sink, toilet)
  • TV
  • Air conditioner
  • Refrigerator
  • Wardrobe
  • Bedside tables
  • Balcony




Meals: buffet

  • Breakfast 08.00-10.00
  • Lunch 12.00-14.00
  • Dinner 18.00-20.00
Tea, water in the restaurant during meals - no limitations
Cooler with bottled water at the bar - 24 hours


- Overnight stay, breakfast, lunch, dinner - buffet;

- tax included;

- 2 swimming pools with sun beds - a professional indoor and outdoor swimming pool (for swimmers and interpreters);

- Sports grounds with sports equipment;

- Free use of tennis table;

- Room for animation;

- Change of bed linen and towels for 7 days;

- Daily room cleaning;

- 24 hours. The medical care insurance;

- Wi-fi near the reception and lobby bar;

- Iron at the reception desk;

- Free safe for groups;

- Free beach umbrellas are provided at the reception;

A group of 15 children given one teacher free!


FOR Surcharge:

- Excursions

- Transfer

- Packed lunches on the road / optional /

- Extra lunch or dinner / first or last day - on request /

- Supplement breakfast / first or last day - on request /


Check out until 12:00 h. And check in after 14: 00h
The Board of NGO "Center for youth creativity" Snowdrop "
Protocol number 5 on September 4, 2015
on field VI International Film Festival
Children and Youth Creativity "Bulgarian bouquet"
the International festival movement "Snowdrop", from 10 to 24 June 2016, from 10 to 24 July 2016
from 01 to 14 August 2016,
Hotel "Dalia GARDEN" ***, Golden Sands, Bulgaria
I. Purpose:
eleven. Creating a favorable environment for the development of the creative potential of children and youth.
12. Identify and support young talents.
13. Promotion of creative activities of children and youth in the community.
14. Formation of the international information field.
15. Strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between children and young people in Russia and Bulgaria.
16. The support and development of amateur creativity of children and youth in Russia.
1.7. Development of the cultural traditions of the Slavic states, maintaining continuity.
18. The development of inter-ethnic, inter-regional and international relations in the field of artistic creativity of children.
II. Tasks:
2.1. Supporting cultural traditions and instilling interest in various genres of art.
2.2. Disclosure of the creative potential of children and youth, revealing identity of performing in all genres of art.
2.3. Creating a friendly atmosphere of communication between the creative teams of different genre directions.
2.4. Exchange of experience between teams of one professional orientation and between different professional groups.
2.5. Support and promotion of the winners of the festival of youth creativity in the Russian and international level.
2.6. Attracting the attention of the public, of art and culture, decision-makers to the issue of executive support for gifted children and copyright technology to create and develop youth talent.
2.7. Involving the media, organization of concerts for a wide range of viewers, posting information on the Internet - the creation and functioning of the "Internet lounge."
2.8. Expanding horizons and intellectual level of children and young people participating in the festival movement.
2.9. Creating the conditions for creative communication and identify talented and promising children.
III. Participants of the festival
3.1. choirs, ensembles and soloists;
3.2. dance groups and individual performers;
3.3. instrumental ensembles and individual performers;
3.4. circus studio and soloists;
3.5. vocal and instrumental ensembles;
3.6. Children's theaters, fashion, pantomime, dance theaters;
3.7. other creative collectives
The festival was attended by art groups and performers in the following age categories:
• 7 to 10 - the youngest age category;
• 11 to 14 years - the average category;
• 15 to 18 - the older category.
• 19 to 25 - young people
     The team of each age category are allowed mismatch age group of not more than 20% of the composition of the team. The age of participants can be checked by members of the organizing committee for the documents.
IV. Nominations
• vocal (soloists, duets, ensembles): folk, pop, Academic, jazz, folklore.
• Choreography (soloists, duets, ensembles, small form): modern, pop, ballroom, folk, classical dances.
• instrumental genre (soloists, duets, ensembles): folk, pop, classical music.
• theatrical genre (fashion theater, dance, mime, musical theater, musicals, etc.).
• original genre (acrobats, circus acts, jugglers, magicians and others.)
V. Conditions of the Festival selection
5.1. qualifying performances and rehearsals organized by the organizing committee on the open stage on schedule before the opening of the festival and can not be changed. Area 80 sq.m.
5.2. each team (or a separate contractor) is entitled to participate in one category;
5.3. performances take place on the open stage with phonogram "minus", "live" accompaniment (instrumental ensemble, accordion, etc.) or without musical accompaniment.
5.4. Participants of the festival (nominations: vocal, choreography, instrumental genre, original genre) are 2 rooms on each style category, with a duration of up to 5 minutes of the hotel. Participants of the "singers" are the only instrumental recordings are not allowed to speak vocalists phonogram "plus", and 2 rooms are lasting 3 minutes. Participants of the "Theater" are 1 theatrical composition of up to 30 minutes. Under the terms of the specificity of theatrical genres, to participate in the festival are invited to experimental theater formation chamber having the opportunity to show its performance on the outdoor stage area. The groups or individual performers (pantomime, fashion theater) - Studies are 2 or 2 stage composition, up to 10 minutes.
5.5. Microphones used while listening rebuilt for all participants
the same way (the participants are allowed to use their own microphone).
5.6. The festival program and rehearsals teams compiled by the organizing committee, and during the festival do not change at the initiative of heads of teams.
VI. The festival jury
6.1. To participate in the work of the jury invited the representatives of those areas of creative activity, which stated teams. The jury is formed on the basis of professional qualifications of eminent creative figures of Russia and Bulgaria. The jury shall be announced within 5 days before the festival.
6.2. The jury's decision is final and not subject to revision.
6.3. The jury's decision is issued protocols. Minutes of the jury are kept in the festival organizing committee within 10 days after the award ceremony.
6.4. The Jury will judge the performance of participants on a 10-point system of open voting at a closed meeting. If two teams score the same number of points, the organizing committee has the right to award laureatstvo both teams.
VIII. Assessment criteria in all categories
Relevance and originality in the selection of the repertoire of works and subject matter, skill and technique, scenic culture, staged-rezhiserskie and compositional quality, costumes, props, set design, innovative solutions, artistry and emotional impact, overall artistic impression.
For individual nominations (vocal, instrumental genre) in the evaluation sheet of the jury will be added additional criteria specific to these genres.
IX. Venue of the festival and indispensable conditions for technical equipment
Preparatory and competitive program of the festival is held on the outdoor stage at the "Dahlia GARDEN" ***, Golden Sands, Bulgaria and adjacent to the center of the territory. Opening of the festival: a parade, procession, concert uchastnikov.Zaklyuchitelnaya part of the festival - gala concert closing the festival.
X. The prize fund of the festival
10.1. Each participant receives a diploma of the participant of the festival.
10.2. Festival leaders are determined to get diploma of the winner I, II, III degree in all the nominations and winners.
10.3. Grand Prix - with a commemorative gift and can be awarded to only one team or participant.
10.4. Companies, firms and individuals are allowed to make donations to the festival, to establish the prizes and pay for participation in the festival for the creative teams.
10.5.Obyavlenie outcome, rewarding the winners of passes after the gala concert at the close of the festival.
XI. Free time festival participants
11.1. Animation entertainment by the hotel's entertainment, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and goodwill, the removal of the effect of "competition and rivalry";
11.2. organizing rehearsals;
11.3. view rooms.
11.4. Excursions in Bulgaria.
11.5. vacation at sea.
XII. Organizers of the festival
Organizers of the festival
Autonomous non-profit organization "Center for youth creativity" Snowdrop ", Novosibirsk, Russia.
Travel firm "Vip Holiday Tour", Varna, Bulgaria.
supported by the Office of the Presidential Plenipotentiary in the Siberian Federal District, Russia, Novosibirsk.
Ministry of Culture of the Novosibirsk Region, Russia.
IA "Siberian Agreement"
City Hall Balchik, Bulgaria.
XIII. Application and conditions of participation
13.1. Applications will be accepted by e-mail before March 1, 2016 by e-mail:
E-mail: newfest@ngs.ru (do not scan !!!)
13.2. registration of the application is carried out after receipt of the application in writing by e-mail.
13.3. Together with the application you must:
-predostavit list of participants with the data of the passport and birth date for the reservation of the hotel in Bulgaria
- In the case of changes in the number or replacing the party immediately inform the new data
- To transfer the registration fee to pay for insurance, consular and visa fees, transfer
- 30 days before the festival, no changes on the application will not be accepted, in the absence of information about the group in the directory is located only reference to the discretion of the organizing committee.
13.6. Each additional nomination is payable at a rate of 1500 rubles.
13.7 Payment of the target payment is made according to the agreed schedule. 100% payment at the expense of the organizing committee must be made no later than May 20, 2016.
13.8 Creative teams in European Russia alone visas

Details and applications are accepted at the following address:
Come: Russia, Novosibirsk, st. Krylova 36 of. 115
Call: 8 (383) 249-13-04, 8-913-894-91-09
Read: http://www.festsib.com
Contact: newfest@ngs.ru
                                                     Olga Kozhevnikova,
Festival director,
Honorary Worker of
Youth Policy

"White Whale" Festival 2016 Bulgaria